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Woodlawn Primary School, Carrickfergus

E-Safety Update- Live Streaming/Video Apps

7th Dec 2017

As you may be aware, Internet live streaming has become an urgent threat to young children. Many children use Youtube videos showing toy unboxing or toy reviews. Sometimes this can even be 'parody' videos where popular cartoons are given new storylines and scripts that are less than wholesome or appropriate.

We at Woodlawn Primary School would want you to take steps to be aware of what apps and websites your children are accessing. Social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Musically and Snapchat all allow some form of live capability, while there are also many pure live streaming services, including Periscope, Omegle, Liveme and Lively.

Comment sections are also a dangerous area for predators to try and contact children and young people. We would encourage all parents to follow the appropriate age guidelines for owning a social media account and encourage children to not make comments on videos or streams.

We at Woodlawn PS encourage use of technology and internet for beneficial and educational uses. Unfortunately, the internet has many negative impacts on young people.

Please ensure your children are safe online and so can enjoy the experiences and benefits technology has on their lives. Take note of what your children access and ensure that all parental controls and locks have been applied to the devices they use.


Why not click the link below to find out more about how to stay safe this Christmas online and into 2018.