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Woodlawn Primary School, Carrickfergus

A Free Gift From Woodlawn! (Sort of!)

1st Dec 2017

Every year, lots of boys and girls put a whole range of technological devices on their Santa lists. Parents and other relatives buy laptops and computers and often ask us what is the best writing program or office suite to use.

C2k runs most of the computer systems in schools across Northern Ireland and they have agreed a special deal with Microsoft office to allow all school users the ability to put Microsoft Office on up to 5 different personal devices (a phone, an iPad, a laptop or a desktop computer)

Simply follow the instructions below with your child's C2k Username and Password they use in school every day to get started.


  1. Visit  
  2. Enter your C2k Username in the format  
  3. At the next box enter (i) your C2k username auser123  and (ii) password  
  4. Download the version of MS Office you require for FREE!  

Minecraft and other Microsoft applications like Sway are also available!